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Updated: 02:35 EST

Satellite images taken on Monday show a Russian military convoy north of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv that stretches for about 40 miles.?The column of tanks was substantially longer than the 17 miles reported earlier in the day. Maxar Technologies, a private U.S. satellite company, also said additional ground forces deployments and ground attack helicopter units were seen in southern Belarus, less than 20 miles north of the Ukraine border.?Maxar said the convoy stretches from the Antonov airbase, 17 miles north of Kyiv's city center, to just north of the Ukrainian town of Pribyrsk.

President Zelensky accuses Russia of WAR CRIMES over brutal shelling of Kharkiv which saw 11 civilians killed and schools destroyed as Ukraine's ambassador to the US claims Putin dropped deadly VACUUM BOMB during invasion

Dramatic video filmed in Kyiv showed the night sky lit up with enormous fire balls, which reportedly stemmed from a military radar communication center. Earlier, Russia had appeared to use banned cluster munitions to indiscriminately shell civilian areas in Ukraine's east that had stood up to Vladimir Putin's invasion in what would constitute a war crime. Dozens were killed and hundreds wounded when Russian Grad rockets blanketed a shopping centre in the city of Kharkiv today, after Kyiv's forces successfully pushed the Russians out. Meanwhile activist group Amnesty said the bombs, which are banned by a UN charter that Russia has not signed, were also used to destroy a school in the city of Okhtyrka - killing three, including a child. If Russia is confirmed to have used the weapon against civilians it would constitute a war crime. The blasts mark some of the most-serious attacks on civilians since the war began five days ago, and came despite Ukrainian and Russian delegations sitting down in Belarus for 'peace talks'. Observers have warned that the talks could pre-sage an increase in violence, as Putin increasingly deploys heavy weaponry that was absent from early fighting in an attempt to force a victory that he has been unable to achieve by subtler means.

NEW U.S. and its allies are preparing further sanctions and restrictions against Moscow, including seizing the assets of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Senator Chris Murphy made the revelation.

Black people fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine are suffering racism, being denied entry onto public transport and even threatened at gunpoint by marauding militiamen.

Immediately after demanding a ceasefire the group also called for an end to 'further intervention' -- even as Kyiv's officials invite Europeans and other allies to come take up arms and fight.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched into former President Trump with dismay over his comments describing Vladimir Putin as 'very savvy' and a 'genius.'

Gunman shoots dead his three daughters inside a Sacramento church and kills a fourth person before turning the gun on himself during supervised visit: Children's mother had a restraining order against him

A California father who had a restraining order against him and was on a supervised visit with his kids at a church in Sacramento, has shot dead four people including his three young children. The father who has yet to be named then turned the gun on himself at the church on the outskirts of the California state capital in the Arden Mall area of the city. Sgt. Rod Grassman from the city's police force also confirmed there was a fifth person killed, however it is unclear if that person was also a family member. The victims included the father's own children, all under 15 years of age, Grassman said. He did not know their genders. The incident started at around 5:10pm on Monday when officers were called to the 'The Church in Sacramento'.

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Shannon Vince Gilday, 23, was found walking down a street near Richmond and arrested at about 4.30am by a Madison County Sheriff's Office deputy, according to Kentucky State Police.

Data revealed Monday by the New York State health department shows that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is not very effective at preventing infection in children aged five to 11 years old.

The Queen, 95, who tested positive for the virus just over a week ago, went to Frogmore on her Windsor Estate on Sunday, where younger members of her family had gathered to meet her.

Police are investigating after a man filmed himself confronting?Governor Steve Sisolak, who was with his wife and daughter, at Lindo Michoacan restaurant in Summerlin, Las Vegas. The man, identified by the Las Vegas Review Journal as far-right conspiracy theorist Justin Andersch, filmed himself putting his arm around Sisolak as he pretends he wants a selfie before turning on the Democratic governor and making violent threats against him. 'Where's your security at, punk, huh?' Andersch asks, pointing his cellphone toward Sisolak's face, before being joined by another aggressor. 'We should string you up by a lamp post right now,' he shouted,?while following Sisolak and his wife as they exit the restaurant.

Terrifying moment dozens of teens crash through the floor of a Colorado home during wild 18th birthday party leaving three injured: About 150 people turned up to bash after address was shared on social media

Shocking video footage captured the terrifying moment teenagers fell through the floor as it collapsed at a massive house party in a Denver-area suburb of Colorado over the weekend. Three people were taken to a hospital, one with serious injuries, after the floor collapsed into the basement under the weight of more than 100 partygoers, authorities said. South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) said crews responded to the house southeast of Aurora around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday. Video of the party shows the teens dancing and jumping up and down as the floor finally gives way beneath them in a violent crash. Authorities have not identified the homeowners or those taken to the hospital, but said it appeared to be a horrible accident and as of right now, there is no criminal investigation.

Former 2008 U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has requested for a new trial in court on Monday after losing her defamation case against the NYT this month, asking for the judge to be barred.

Alec Almanzar, 23, has been charged with murder after shooting and killing his girlfriend, Ayadalis Chalas, at the Hot Shot Shooting Range in Holly Hill back on October 7, while failing to kill himself.

The Batman has been branded both 'self-important' and 'tiresome' in a mixed bag of reviews of the hotly anticipated Matt Reeves-directed blockbuster.

The family of an elderly dementia patient who was seen being brutally arrested by a Colorado cop in shocking video footage have revealed their disgust over a controversial plea deal that could see him walk free in a year. Officer Austin Hopp, 26, was fired and charged with serious bodily harm after his police body cam captured him hurling 73-year-old Karen Garner to the ground and breaking her arm. The 80-pound grandmother was left sobbing in pain in a jail cell for six hours while gloating Hopp replayed the sickening arrest to his colleagues and boasted: 'We crushed it!' Hit with felony charges of second degree assault, attempting to influence a public servant and official misconduct, the rookie Loveland Police Department cop faced up to 30 years behind bars. However, Garner's family learnt last week that prosecutors are offering the warped bully a plea deal that will reduce his charges and likely slash his sentence to just a few years when it's rubber-stamped at an upcoming plea hearing. Shannon Steward, Garner's daughter-in-law, told DailyMail.com that her loved ones are adamantly opposed to the pact and will make a heartfelt plea to the judge when Hopp appears Wednesday morning at the Larimer County courthouse.

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy came out against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for her appearance at a white supremacist event over the weekend.

Incredible moment hero Hawaiian adventurer climbs down a 25-foot deep fissure in a LIVE volcano to rescue a dog that fell in and became trapped for two days

Kawika Singson is renowned on the island for getting up close to volcanoes - normally to snap an incredible eruption photo. So when a dog went missing and was tracked, via its GPS collar, to a fissure into Kilauea volcano, on the island of Hilo, he was the first call to rescue the animal. 'I received a text about a dog that fell in a volcanic fissure deep in the tropical rain forest, so I made the 100-mile drive to try to help rescue the dog,' he said on YouTube after posting the footage. The dog, named Maka, belongs to a teenage boy named only as Cody and had been trapped for two days before Singson arrived.

Student sets up Twitter account tracking locations of Russian oligarchs' private jets

Jack Sweeney, 19, who earlier this month set up a Twitter account to track Tesla CEO's Elon Musk's private jet is now focusing his efforts on Russian oligarchs. Sweeney is tracking the aircraft of some of Russia's richest people. It includes aircraft owned by Russia's richest resident, Vladimir Potanin, Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea FC and Alexander Abramov, a steel billionaire. The new Twitter account has already has garnered 64,000 followers.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk is getting credit for ensuring Ukrainians have access to the Internet as they continue to fend off a Russian invasion.

Squad tasked with assassination filmed themselves torturing desertee, writes Prof MARK

Professor MARK GALEOTTI: They broke his legs with a sledgehammer and then crushed his chest, before cutting off his hands, his head and finally setting his corpse alight. The man was Hamadi Bouta, a deserter from the Syrian army. His torturers were employees of the notorious Wagner Group (inset), a private military company (PMC) - that is, mercenaries. The same mercenaries who are now said to be tasked with assassinating Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. Putin turned to Yevgeny Prigozhin (left), a thuggish oligarch with a criminal past, to run Wagner. The Russian dictator calls upon Prigozhin whenever he wants something dirty done.

Inside Patrick Mahomes' fiancée Brittany Matthews' VERY glamorous  bachelorette party

High school sweethearts Matthews, 26, and Mahomes, 26, have been engaged since September 2020 and share a one-year-old daughter, Sterling. On Thursday, Matthews and her friends flew private to Miami where they are staying in a private home with a pool. During the days, they did goat yoga on a farm, spent time out on a yacht, hung by the pool, and did a Brittany's Boot Camp workout. They got dressed up for several nights out, but stayed in on the last night for an outdoor movie - Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez - and dinner in pajamas. Friends on the trip include musician Kayla Nicole, whose boyfriend is Chiefs player Travis Kelce, and Sydni Paige, who is engaged the Chiefs'? Tyrann Mathieu. Other guests include the wife of one of Mahomes' Texas Tech teammates and Brianna Conley, who is married to Houston Texans player Christian Conley.

State police said there were injuries, but it remains unclear how many and to what extent. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams' decision to drop vaccine mandates is 'long overdue' and 'too late' for many of them which could still be forced to shut their doors due to a lack of customers.???

Dad of the year! Incredible moment father shields his rodeo rider son, 18, from being trampled by raging bull?

Nail-biting video shows the dramatic moment?a father put his life - and body - on the line to save his son from a rampaging bull at a Texas rodeo. Landis Hooks (pictured protecting his son in the main image) has been hailed as a hero for coming to the rescue of his 18-year-old bull-rider son, Cody Hooks (inset), of Louisiana, who had fallen off the animal during?an exhibition event at the Bell County Expo Center, in Belton, earlier this month. In the now-viral clip shared to Instagram, young Cody can be seen being hurled off the bull moments after the animal bursts from its stall and into the packed arena. Rendered unconscious by the fall, Cody can be seen in the footage laying motionless as the irate bull continues to run and buck around the ring.

While the consensus is that a healthy balanced diet should provide all your nutrient needs, the fact is many people regard supplements as a dietary safety net.

Inside 8ft by 8ft locked box where Florida couple 'forced 14-year-old adopted son to live'

Tracy and Timothy Ferriter, both 46,? face child abuse charges over claims they whipped and beat their adopted 14-year-old son. They forced him to live inside an 8ft by 8ft box in the garage of their Jupiter, Florida home?whenever he wasn't at school. DailyMail.com can reveal the couple were first reported to authorities by builder Jacques Ben Aim who was paid $3,000 to build a 'very strange' office inside their garage. The structure had a light that could only be turned on from outside and just contained a mattress, a desk, a chair and a BUCKET for bathroom purposes. '[The victim] stated the spankings would take place in his bedroom and he would be naked bent over his bed.' When investigators seized the Ring device they found thousands of videos showing the boy being bullied and locked up on a daily basis, according to filings. Both face one count of aggravated child abuse and one count of false imprisonment, apiece, and were released on $50,000 bail each.

Moderna is being sued by two smaller, Vancouver-based, biotech firms that are alleging the company infringed on their copyright in making its vaccine by using patented nanoparticle technology.

Cristiano Ronaldo 'takes an $11.4MILLION hit on his luxury Trump Tower apartment'

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo?has reportedly taken an £8.5million hit on a luxury apartment he owned in Trump Tower.? The striker, who is struggling for form at Old Trafford and has just one goal in his last 10 games in all competitions, has built up an extensive property portfolio during his glittering career.? But Ronaldo, who bought the nine-bed flat in New York for a whopping £13.8m in 2015, was forced to sell it for just £5.3m last November, according to Spanish economic outlet Expansion.?

Physical differences in the thighbones of Tyrannosaurus fossil specimens warrant the creation of two new species, says a Baltimore-based paleontologist.

Concerns about?the effect sugar can have on weight and teeth has fuelled demand for products made with calorie-free, chemical-based artificial sweeteners.

America's most expensive home goes under the hammer after failing to sell for $295M

The most expensive house ever listed in the US is set to hit the auction block Monday after failing to sell for $295 on the market. The 105,000-square-foot estate - which includes an indoor salon, bowling alley, movie theater, and more - took eight years to build but has been a money sucker since hitting the market last year. Although the opulent estate is undeniably impressive, some have raised concerns about undisclosed construction flaws and zoning code violations, the Los Angeles Times reported. Other possible red flags include a missing occupancy permit, although a realtor representing the property dismissed critics as 'unhappy people.'

Dianne Feinstein's husband Richard Blum passed away at the age of 86 after a long battle with cancer, the California senator announced Monday.

Dancing With The Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy flees Ukraine on a train packed with 'hysterical' women and children after revealing he was arrested on the streets of Kyiv as 'traumatizing' Russian invasion raged around him

Maksim Chmerkovskiy has fled warn-torn Ukraine in search of safety on a 'sweaty and claustrophobic' train full of women and children heading to Warsaw, Poland, following his arrest in the capital city of Kyiv.? The Ukrainian Dancing With the Stars pro, 42, updated followers in series of social media posts on Monday, detailing his 'traumatizing' attempt to get out of the country amid the Russian invasion. Chmerkovskiy, who has been in Kyiv working as a judge on the Ukrainian version of World of Dance, had planned on staying in his native land when the fighting first broke out, however, after he got a 'reality check' by being arrested he decided to flee. The country announced last week that men of fighting age - between 18-60 - were prohibited from leaving Ukraine but since Maks holds a U.S. passport, he is exempt from the mandate.??

The Deputy Mayor of Kyiv Vladimir Bondarenko today shared a photograph of a pink-haired girl Polina (pictured) , believed to be ten or 11, killed while trying to escape the capital in a car with her family.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that having the U.S. impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine was 'not a good idea,' citing the risk of escalation with Russia.

Russian real estate developer and ex of Naomi Campbell denounces invasion of Ukraine

Russian oligarch and real estate developer Vladislav Doronin has publicly condemned Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, in a statement to DailyMail.com.?The billionaire businessman and former longtime boyfriend of supermodel Naomi Campbell spoke out after a small group of protesters gathered outside his soon-to-open posh Midtown Manhattan hotel - Aman New York (right) - over the weekend.?'I denounce the aggression of Russia on Ukraine and fervently wish for peace,' Doronin said on Monday.

Ruslan Gladkiy, 35, revealed his wife and family are now safely across the border in neighbouring Hungary. He spoke by phone to his wife Galina, who is with their son and daughter.

Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska, 44, an architecture graduate turned comedy writer who, like her husband, remains steadfast in the face of Russian aggression.


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Disgusting moment man smears human feces on woman, 43, waiting for train in the Bronx - just days after NYC Mayor Eric Adams launched crackdown on violence in the subway

Surveillance video from the East 241st Street subway station in the Bronx shows a man attacking an unsuspecting woman sitting on a bench and shoving a bag of excrement into her face without any apparent provocation during the evening rush hour. The revolting incident took place just three days after?NYC Mayor Eric Adams unveiled the Subway Safety Plant to deploy 1,000 cops in the transit system.

The 32-year-old woman was found lying face down, with an injury to her head, in her condominium apartment at The Club at Turtle Bay high-rise building on East 47th Street on Sunday.

Foreverland: Woman, 51, confesses she 'hates' husband in new memoir on 'divine tedium of

In her new memoir Foreverland: On the Divine Tedium of Marriage, American journalist Heather??Havrilesky, from North Carolina, likens her husband Bill to 'a smelly heap of laundry' (let, right and inset). In the first chapter, she writes:?'Every book about marriage is also a book about mortality, since the success of any marriage is defined not by happiness or good fortune but by death.'

The move is part of a company plan to spend an additional $300 million on its labor force this year that will also include broader, faster access to health care coverage for its hourly workers.

A CDC report finds that deaths by suicide in the U.S. actually decreased despite the overall toll the pandemic took on American's mental health. Men are still more likely to die by suicide.

In video from the discount retailer Ross, a woman walks out of the store with multiple pairs of shoes hanging from her fists. The alarm goes off as she nonchalantly walks out of the store.

No longer just losing basketball games, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have started losing arguments with fans seated around Crypto.com arena.

Horrifying moment Mexican drug cartel thugs pull mourners from a wake, line them up against the wall and shoot them - killing up to 17

Up to 17 people were shot dead by the cartel members at the funeral in the town of San Jose de Gracia in the Mexican state of Michoacan on Sunday, according to local reports. The victims were seen with their hands above their heads against a wall (left) before they were massacred by the gunmen (right: smoke rises up from the guns after the victims were shot). The massacre came just two weeks after gunmen killed nine people - including a 12-year-old boy - mourning the death of a man who died in jail in two attacks in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad?Juárez. In Sunday's attack, the suspects had?arrived at the scene in broad daylight and took the victims outside before lining them up against a wall. Video, filmed by a local resident who has not been identified for safety reasons, shows the mourners lining up against a wall with their hands in the air while surrounded by men with rifles. The gunmen, who were seen positioning themselves around their vehicles in the street, then opened fire on the victims. The video suddenly cuts away before cutting back to where the mourners had been stood. The victims could be seen laying on the floor, as smoke from the guns rose up into the air. The massacre took place in an area where the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), the Nueva Familia Michoacana gang, and elements of the Knights Templar Cartel carry out illegal activities and battle for turf.

After tossing the popular Dem first lady's hat in the ring, Crowley explained how Obama would have been positioning herself to mount a White House bid after her husband left office in early 2017.

Revealed: The meaning behind Peaky Blinders' mysterious Romany message 'tickna mora o'beng' that sent a shockwave of fear through Tommy Shelby?

In the final minutes of last night's episode, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) received a phone call from wife Lizzie (Natasha O'Keeffe) who informed him that their daughter Ruby had a fever and was hallucinating. In the throes of the hallucinations, Ruby reported seeing 'a man with green eyes' and repeated the Romany phrase:?'Tickna mora o'beng'. The revelation sent a shockwave of fear through Tommy, who vowed to return home to England from the US on the next boat. The moment sparked questions from viewers.

Former President Trump appealed a New York judge's order for him and his two eldest children to testify as part of a civil investigation into his business practices on Monday.

A brazen robbery attempt was caught on video in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday, showing two suspects - one of them armed with a gun -brutally attacking the owner of a black Ferrari.

April is a former Ms Great Britain... so why does she claim it's impossible to find love?

April Banbury (pictured) says she is terribly lonely and thoroughly disillusioned by the predatory world of online dating in which women are expected to 'give it up' on the second date. She's met goodness knows how many online in the past few years, dated 'more than 100' of them and slept with 'the ones I felt I might have a connection with potentially'. Then . . . 'They just ghost me,' she says with a look that's part fury, part hurt on her very pretty face.'

DR MARTIN SCURR: Most tinnitus is linked to age-related hearing loss and damage to the nerve cells that help relay messages to the parts of the brain that process noise.

Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber take to the runway at Off-White show

Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber led the stars taking to the runway for the Off-White show for Paris Fashion Week on Monday. Model Kendall ensured all eyes were on her as she took to the runway wearing a skintight black mini dress that highlighted her jaw-dropping figure. The garment had 'Little Black Dress' written across the side in white print while Kendall also sported a black cap with horns.

The Curiosity team confirmed it was a 'diagenetic crystal cluster', that experts from NASA JPL suggest may have been formed by minerals precipitating from water.

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What happened to Romy & Michele cast? Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino reunite at the SAG

Lisa Kudrow, 58, and Mira Sorvino, 54, had the Romy and Michele reunion of our dreams at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on February 27. The former co-stars - who played best friends Romy White and Michele Weinberger in the 1997 movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion - took the stage to present an award at the glamorous event on Sunday. The flick quickly became a fan-favorite after it premiered in 1997, and seeing the actresses together again nearly 25 years after it came out was certainly a treat for Romy and Michele's High School Reunion fans. In honor of their epic reunion, FEMAIL has decided to see what the rest of the cast from the cult-classic is up to today, including Janeane Garofalo, Alan Cumming, and more. Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Mira went on to land many more big roles, while Friends alum Lisa starred in an array of popular movies and TV shows over the years.

The American actress, 24,?stunned in an elaborate photo spread and interview for the Cosmopolitan UK April/May cover.

Michael Hall captured the moment a whirlpool opened up on a Brisbane sports oval as the worst flooding event since 2011 continues. 15,000 homes are flooded and 53,000 households without power.

Marissa Baker, 30, from Naples, Florida, has been candid about the work she's done to heal from her failed marriages on her TikTok account. Earlier this month, she posted a video about how people ask her if she wants to get married again after being divorced twice. The clip has been viewed more than 612,000 times, and some commenters were quick to judge her for her divorces and her career as a life coach. One critic compared it to 'hiring a tutor that failed out of school, twice.' In a follow-up video, Baker insisted that 'your mistakes don't qualify you,' saying she is 'uniquely qualified' to counsel others because of what she has overcome.


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Little boy has ultra-rare 'uncontrollable hair syndrome' which makes strands stand up on

Seventeen-month-old Locklan's hair started growing in at five months and his parents noticed an odd texture. A stranger messaged on?Katelyn Samples, 33, on Instagram to ask if the boy had uncontrollable hair syndrome,' which she had never heard of. She and her husband, Caleb, 33, took Locklan to a specialist in Atlanta, Georgia who ran tests and confirmed the diagnosis. There are only about 100 confirmed cases of the condition, which causes hair to grow in all directions and makes it impossible to brush down. It's usually straw-colored with a dull texture, and it is most often found in young children, who grow out of it in puberty and adulthood. Katelyn said Locklan's hair is delicate but she rarely has to wash it because it doesn't get greasy.

Bridgerton's Queen Charlotte reigns supreme on Tatler's front cover for April

The 52-year-old Guyanese-British actress,?is reprising her role as Queen Charlotte in the hit period drama, which is returning to screens next month. Speaking to Tatler as she appears on the cover of it's April issue, she said: ''I'm a great believer in waiting, in biding my time, being confident enough in my craft and who I am as a person to know that it will happen, that one day someone would see me and go, "Right, you are perfect for playing the Queen of England".'



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